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The Big Apple In Ontario Is A Wonderland For Apple Lovers

What Is The Big Apple?

As far as roadside stops in Ontario go, The Big Apple Ontario in Colborne is as unique and creative as they get.

Not only is the massive iconic apple the largest construction of any apple in the world, but you can get some delicious treats inside that you won’t find anywhere else.

Add to that the activities for the kids? Say less.

Why Is The Big Apple So Popular?

big apple ontario
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The Big Apple is an iconic roadside attraction, and a great place to stop and explore the area.

You can take great pictures there with your family (or your dog). You can also sit in the restaurant and have a bite to eat, or take some sweets from one of their shops.

If you happen to go during the summer, there are loads of options from mini golf to train rides and everything in between. Here’s what you need to know to make this fun and exciting destination part of your travels in Ontario.

Where Is The Big Apple?

big apple ontario
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The Big Apple in Ontario is easy to find, for more reasons that the huge red apple marking its spot. This roadside venue featuring counter-serve dining and a popular country store is located on Orchard Rd in Colborne.

Where is Colborne, you ask? It’s about two and a half hours outside of Toronto. In fact, all you need to do is plug this geolocation into your GPS, and it will take you straight there!

Things You Can Do At The Big Apple

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There’s so much to do at The Big Apple in Colborne! It’s a great place to make a quick pit-stop on a roadtrip. You can also take a separate trip just to see the attractions at this roadside venue.

Check out what they have to offer…

The Sweet Shops

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Pie Shop

The Dutch Apple Pie at The Big Apple in Ontario is one of the best you’ll ever have. You don’t go out of your way for this stop for nothing! You can also get apple cinnamon bread, muffins, cakes, and other apple-inspired goodies!

Take some home with you, or enjoy right on site. Either way they’re delicious!


You can find specialty chocolates at The Big Apple, as well as baked goods. The chocolatier features the popular Donini Chocolate treats, as well as other confections to enjoy. It’s all worth it just to visit these quaint little shops – there’s no corporate vibes here, that’s for sure!

Sit In Restaurant

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The restaurant at The Big Apple has counter-serve dining with a superb breakfast. They have lots of variety to choose from, and it’s all home-cooked goodness. The staff are friendly, and the service is (as you’d imagine) small-town solid.

Mr. Applehead

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What would a trip to The Big Apple Ontario be without a picture of yourself in front of Mr. Apple Head? Go ahead, ask a stranger to take a picture of you, they won’t mind! There are many different angles you can catch of this massive apple. Keep in mind that you’re standing in front of the largest constructed apple in the whole world!

Attractions For Kids

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Mini Golf

The mini golf and the farm are both open to the public. They’re a source of fun, laughs, and probably some awkwardness for those of you who suck at mini golf! Let the kids’ skills shine in this eclectic and adorable mini golf playground. They can also climb on barrels and do other farm-looking things for your Instagram feed.

Train Rides

Don’t forget about the train rides at The Big Apple! You can ride the mini train through the park, and also play “spot the sculptures”. The train is slow and safe, and sure to thrill even the most discerning toddler.

And if you have a moment and need to catch your breath at Big Apple Ontario, take a quick visit up to the top observation deck that has magnificent views across Colborne and Lake Ontario.

From here, you can plan the next stop in your journey.

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