Big Bands Who Hate Their Own Names

It's a little too late to turn back now

Once a band builds a fan base, it’s almost impossible to change the name without causing some confusion. If a bad name is chosen in the formative years, they’re stuck with it. Here are 4 bands who hate their own names.

Mumford & Sons

Marcus Mumford said he regrets Mumford & Sons’ name. If he’d thought they would be so successful, he would have gone with anything other than his last name. He also admits they’ve thought about changing it, but it’s too late now.


Foo Fighters

“It’s the dumbest band name ever” – Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters. That is a bold claim and like Marcus Mumford, Dave Grohl says if he thought the band would have lasted this long, he would have named it anything else.


Milky Chance

Milky Chance is a name vocalist Clemens made up when he was younger. Both members agree that it’s not the best name and maybe they should change it.


Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner blames the Arctic Monkeys’ name on the fact that this was the first band any of them had ever been in, and usually musicians have a few other bands before they find a name that works. He also says it’s Jamie Cook’s fault because he came up with it.