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Big Thief debut dark, brooding new single ‘Dragon’ live

Big Thief took to the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend, where they debuted their new single, “Dragon.”

The band has been busy sharing a whole slew of new singles like “Certainty,” “Little Things,” and “Sparrow.” Big Thief show no sign of slowing down, as they performed another new track, “Dragon,” live for the first time. They played the song during their first set at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

The new tune sees Big Thief exploring new sonic territory. “Dragon” is a dark, brooding track that comes packed with gritty, distorted instrumentals. On the tune, Big Thief stray from their softer, melancholic sound and dive into more of an emo-tinged anthem.

Watch Big Thief debut “Dragon” live below.

Unlike this new song, Big Thief’s recent raw, emotional release “Certainty” revolved around dreamy guitars and twangy vocal lines. Their tracks “Little Things” and “Sparrow,” on the other hand, were produced by drummer James Krivchenia.

Not only did Big Thief debut “Dragon” live, but Caroline Polachek also played new songs “Sunset” and “Smoke” at Pitchfork. Polachek also explores new sounds on these tunes. Where “Sunset” has a fun-loving flamenco twist, “Smoke” has a darker instrumental line.

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Caroline Polachek performs new songs ‘Sunset’ and ‘Smoke’ live
Lead photo courtesy of Josh Goleman.

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