A Big White Orb Has Touched Down in Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto's got balls

Don’t call the Men in Black quite just yet, the giant white ball has no intentions of taking over Toronto city hall.

If you’ve noticed the big glowing orb perched behind the Toronto 3D sign this past couple of days, you might be wondering what it’s doing here. It’s actually an art installment for this year’s Nuit Blanche, created by “Hotline Bling” director, Director X.

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A statement on the Nuit Blanche website describes the installation as:

Immersive experience where the observer will witness a massive sculpture of the sun as it progresses through its life cycle. A deeply personal and highly evocative meditation on human mortality and people’s individual place in the universe, this installation portrays the death of the star that sustains this planet.

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Death of the Sun, as it’s called, will open October 1st at sunset.