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Indie88 Video Premiere: Billy Moon Shares “Roads”

Hamilton’s Billy Moon pumped out a collection of blistering garage rock tunes on That Which You Can’t Throw Away in April, following up today with a video for the EP’s track “Roads”.

This particular single stands out from the rest of Billy Moon’s latest work of fast-paced garage rock tunes for it’s drowsy melody and lyrics chocked full of self-doubt. The song questions the decision to pursue life as a musician, pondering what life would be like as a “normal person”. The visual accompaniment is simple enough to echo that sentiment.

Set on a trashy trailer park as antiquated animations play overtop, the video reiterates the worry associated with the life of an indie-rocker, wondering if they are destined to live a life of shambles, stuck in their childhood dreams while the rest of the world grows up and moves on.

Or as the band puts it:

“My new video for ‘Roads’ can be summed up as if Ryan Lochte went to Burning Man but no one wanted to hang out with him.”

See for yourself above or below:

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