Bill Murray Is Bartending At His Son’s Bar This Weekend

He's more like a game show host

Imagine, Doctor Peter Venkman handing over your tequila with lime.

Bill Murray is no stranger to making cameo appearances around the big apple. Between crashing house parties, to rocking karaoke, the Groundhog Day star has been spotted in NYC so many times, we’re starting to think it’s Deja Vu.

According to reports, Murray will be working behind the bar this weekend in Brooklyn, at 21 Greenpoint, an upscale restaurant, owned by his son, Homer Murray. But does the 65-year-old actor know how to whip up an Old Fashioned? “What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.” Homer joked.

Looks like that wont be a problem, thanks to Bill’s new temporary job title. The news of Murray’s plans spread so quickly that the restaurant was forced to issue a follow-up notice that event will be guest-list only.

Looks like you’ll have to have a phantasm ethereal energy hiding out in your refrigerator to even be considered.