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Bill Murray Drank a Heck of A Lot of Tequila While Bartending in Brooklyn this Weekend

If you somehow managed to stay offline this weekend, Bill Murray bartended at his son’s bar over the weekend, and people went a bit hysterical.

Late last week, news broke that the Caddyshack actor would be coming to his son’s bar 21 Greenpoint Friday night for promotional purposes, and it spread like wildfire. By 6PM, the lineup outside the trendy Brooklyn bar wrapped around the block.

Shortly after 7:30PM, Bill Murray arrived, surprising those that were beginning to doubt that he would actually be coming, and that they had been duped by some sleazy stunt to get people in the door. Before getting to work, Bill put on a stripped blue shirt and got himself in the game by tossing back a couple shots of tequila, according to one blogger.

…Okay “a couple” might be a conservative way of putting it — according to CoS, one patron overheard him saying “I’ve already done four shots” five minutes into his shift.

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According to other bargoers, the night went on as a blur of kareoke-like singalongs of hits like Rolling Stones “Start Me Up”, Lionel Richie’s “Easy” and The Temptation’s “My Girl”. The legendary actor continued powered back liquor like it was Groundhog Day while he served.

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Look at all these happy New Yorkers giving thanks to the man who saved their city from ghosts 30 years ago. What a guy!

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