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Billie Eilish claps back at people who say ‘All Lives Matter’

As the United States is heading into a full week since the death of George Floyd and the resulting protests, several artists and musicians have been speaking up, and this time, Billie Eilish has clapped back at white people who continue to say “All Lives Matter.”

Eilish, who stands with the Black Lives Matter movement, has shared a statement about the ongoing injustices happening around the world against people of colour. In the post, Eilish calls out white people who continue to “make everything about yourself.”

“If I head one more white person say ‘all lives matter’ one more fucking time I’m gonna lose my fucking mind,” Eilish says in the post. She then goes on to explain, “If all lives matter why are black people killed for just being black? Why are immigrants persecuted? Why are white people given opportunities that people of other races aren’t? Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons?”

Check out Eilish’s post in full below.

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