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Billie Eilish delivers alluring acoustic performance of ‘Billie Bossa Nova’

Billie Eilish has shared an acoustic performance video for her song, “Billie Bossa Nova.”

The new acoustic performance sees Eilish teaming up with her brother Finneas. The warm, sepia-tinged clip is directed by Philip Andelman as part of a promotional campaign for Gucci. With a dapper aesthetic, the sultry song fits the video perfectly. Throughout the performance, Finneas delivers gentle, flamenco style guitar riffs. Eilish delivers her silky vocals in a more relaxed, nonchalant fashion than on the original version.

“Billie Bossa Nova” comes from Eilish’s most recent album, Happier Than Ever. It’s definitely a standout on the album, with dance-worthy percussion and smooth guitars. The track calls upon the sounds of her last album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, while moving toward something new.

Watch the performance of “Billie Bossa Nova” below.

Eilish’s sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, sees the artist tackling fame, misogyny, and growing up. Happier Than Ever is all about debunking happily-ever-after. Eilish is standing against the idea of a pop fairytale, subverting a Hollywood glamour throughout 16 tracks.

“Billie Bossa Nova” isn’t the only standout track on the album. The opening track, “Getting Older,” will fill you with a sort of nostalgic melancholy. Eilish delivers stunning melodies that are beautiful in their restraint. She then launches into a grittier, smoother sound that feels more reminiscent of her first album on “I Didn’t Change My Number.”

From the ethereal “Goldwing” to the existential “Everybody Dies,” get ready for an emotional journey. The title track is definitely a standout. It sees Eilish clapping back at anyone who ever held her down.

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