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Billie Eilish does the same ‘Vanity Fair’ interview for the fifth year in a row

Billie Eilish has taken part in her yearly video interview with Vanity Fair, and the highly anticipated clip is finally here!

While the questions stay the same every year, the pop star’s answers have changed drastically over half a decade. The annual Vanity Fair interview began when Eilish was just 15-years-old. At the time, she had just 257,000 Instagram followers, vs. her current count of 94.1 million.

In the interview, Eilish laughs at her pandemic-era 2020 answers. “Gosh, that girl was going through an identity crisis,” Eilish says. “Oh my gosh! You can see it in my eyes. I mean, really. The low bun? Please. What’s going on?”

Watch Eilish’s fifth annual Vanity Fair interview below.

Between 2017 and 2019, Eilish’s confidence grew a ton. In the 2021 interview, she says “nothing will ever top that 2019 ego.” She goes on to explain, “It’s because I had been so miserable for so long, that I finally wasn’t and I just never shut up about it. But I’ve been…I’ve been good. I mean, I’m starting to have, like, an adulthood. Which is new for me and very exciting, and I have had new experiences and new people and lots of love.”

Throughout the Vanity Fair clip, Eilish goes on to give herself advice for the next year, talks her biggest regret, and more.

Billie Eilish’s 2020 Vanity Fair Interview:

In her 2020 Vanity Fair interview, when she’s talking about her identity crisis, she says:

“For a while now, I’ve been really having an identity crisis a little. I think it was December, I did some radio show performance, and the entire show I felt like I was pretending to be Billie Eilish. Like, I felt – I completely wasn’t looking at myself as myself. I was totally seeing it from not-my-own perspective and it was so weird. Happened multiple times at award shows and whatever. I felt like a parody of myself.

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