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Billie Eilish shares melancholic, self-directed video for ‘Male Fantasy’

Billie Eilish has shared a video for her Happier Than Ever closer, “Male Fantasy.”

Eilish directed and edited the visuals herself. The dark, melancholic clip truly adds to the track. Lyrically, Eilish pines after a lost love while looking at gender dynamics. The video follows Eilish in a depressed state, as she stares into a bathroom mirror and lies on a kitchen floor.

The “Male Fantasy” video comes packed with harsh jump cuts that are sure to disorient you. The blue-tinged clip comes packed with emotion, opening up with Eilish looking at herself as the camera zooms out. As it progresses, it sees Eilish flying through mundane tasks, melancholically going throughout her day.

Watch the video for “Male Fantasy” below.

Eilish’s most recent album, Happier Than Ever, tackles fame, misogyny, and growing up.

The opening track, “Getting Older,” will fill you with a sort of nostalgic melancholy. Eilish delivers stunning melodies that are beautiful in their restraint. She then launches into a grittier, smoother sound that feels more reminiscent of her first album on “I Didn’t Change My Number.” Channeling her quintessential smooth vocal delivery, Eilish croons atop a pulsing instrumental.

The album closer, Male Fantasy, is definitely a standout. Packed with Eilish’s sweet, heartbreaking falsettos and dreamy guitar lines, it’s sure to get you emotional.

Billie Eilish recently took part in the same Vanity Fair interview for the fifth year in a row. While the questions stay the same every year, the pop star’s answers have changed drastically over half a decade. The annual Vanity Fair interview began when Eilish was just 15-years-old. At the time, she had just 257,000 Instagram followers, vs. her current count of 94.1 million.

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