Billy Talent says Lisa MacLeod photo ‘misrepresents’ their meeting about the cuts to the Ontario Music Fund

The band met with MacLeod to discuss how the Ontario Music Fund cuts have impacted artists

Billy Talent has distanced themselves from Ontario’s tourism, culture and sport minister Lisa MacLeod after she posted a photo on Twitter that they claim “misrepresents” a meeting they had about the cuts to the Ontario Music Fund.

MacLeod tweeted out a photo that has since been deleted, and it showed her sitting behind a drum kit with the band. In the caption, MacLeod reportedly thanked the band for having her play drums on their new album.

Billy Talent then released a statement revealing that their record label requested they meet with MacLeod to talk about the cuts the government has made to the Ontario Music Fund, and how those cuts have impacted artists. They said that by having a discussion with MacLeod they thought they could try to make a difference, but after the post, believe that MacLeod was not truly listening to their statements.

Additionally, Billy Talent states that MacLeod posted the photo without their consent, and they want to make it clear that they do not support Premier Doug Ford’s government.

Check out the statement in full below.