‘Bird Box’ fans tear apart unseen creature that never made it to the final film

'The angry ghost of Benjamin Button'

A picture of the unknown creature that was originally supposed to be in the hit Netflix film Bird Box recently surfaced, and fans of the movie are just tearing it apart.

After attracting more than 45 million views in its first week, curiosity got the best of fans as they became transfixed by the mysterious, never displayed creatures that force survivors of the apocalypse into insanity if seen. The creatures are never actually on screen in the movie, but the visual effects team has finally shared a glimpse of their creation that never made it to the final flick.

Check out the creature below.

Fans were quick to criticize the baby-like creature, with some Instagram users even writing that “it looks like a soul trapped inside a testicle with cauliflower ear,” “the angry ghost of Benjamin Button,” and “Trump without hair.”