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Birds With Bangs & Beatles Haircuts? Yup, They Exist!

If you’re looking for a new haircut, the most obvious thing to do is search for different versions of it on the internet.

You can even see a picture of how you’d look with a darker colour, a cropped bob, or heck, why not bangs? But did you know that you can also see pictures of BIRDS with bangs?

Birds with bangs have emerged, and we can’t get enough. Because of this, a whole new rage has started on the internet: giving your bird a haircut. And let’s take it even further… give your bird a BEATLES haircut.

Hop on this trend and Instagram will be like a small sparrow eating out of the palm of your hand.

Meet The Gloster Canary: The Bird With A Beatles haircut

With no further delay, I’d like you to meet Barry the Canary.

Birds with bangs

Barry is a “Gloster Canary”. If you remember the Beatles, you’ll recall that they had remarkable haircuts… and Barry has one too! (Note: Barry Bird = different than Jade Bird. ;))

Barry is an adopted canary who announces on his instagram “I’m the birb with the fringe”. We don’t know why he calls himself a “birb” and not a “bird”. That’s probably another quirky internet thing that hyper-niched Instagram accounts are all over. Just like birds with bangs!

Birb it is, Barry.

Are They Really Birds With “Hair” On Top? 

Wondering how on Earth this gorgeous little birb ended up an internet sensation? The Gloster Canary is supposed to be native of the Canary Islands. Barry’s owner, however, was on the search for a new pet when he stumbled upon this unique little darling!

Barry is a Corona variety of Gloster Canary, so he’s been gifted with a crested head. Other varieties of this birb are not quite so lucky, therefore, not all varieties of this type of canary can be birds with bangs!

Is it really “hair” and does it always look that way?

The fringe, of course, isn’t hair but feathers. And when creative animal lovers set their sites on Instagram fame (and general cuteness) you can bet that they’ll start giving birds haircuts.

In this case, Barry got some bangs. And they change all the time! Check out Barry’s IG for some of his hairstyles. They’ll make you swoon.

This Bird With Bangs Has Pipes

Barry, as well as his Gloster canary friends, has an incredible singing voice. It all adds to his magic and charm.

In other words, Barry has a perfectly fitting voice for a bird with a Beatles haircut.

Birds with bangs

Birds with bangs

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