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A Black Diamond Watermelon Will Set You Back A Cool $6k

What Is A Black Diamond Watermelon?

In 2008, man in Japan paid $6,125 for a nearly-black watermelon. The specialty fruit is grown only on the island of Hokkaido. We couldn’t find any reports on whether or not he said it was worth it.

We spoke of the luxury fruit market in Japan with this article on the Japanese white strawberry. Now, however, it seems that we can also spend way too much money on a watermelon that looks like it’s black. Yes, that’s right. It’s not actually black… it’s just really dark green.

Funny, because the black diamond apple is also a thing, and it’s also not black; it’s dark purple.

All of that to say, a black diamond watermelon is basically just a black watermelon that claims to be more delicious and ‘luxurious’ than other watermelons. The Densuke watermelon, however, claims to be far superior in every conceivable way.

Why Are They Black Anyways??

black diamond watermelon
Image: @theboomcard on Instagram

The Densuke black diamond watermelon is known for its tough skin. With its signature dark shade of green being so incredibly dark, it appears black. It’s also really shiny, which further enhances its perceived value.

The black skin is merely a result of genetic alteration over the years. Much like other fruits that are sold as a novelty, companies spend a lot of time and money making their product stand out.

And for a $6,000 watermelon, you have to applaud them for their efforts.

How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For Watermelon?

black diamond watermelon
Image: @bobminner on Instagram

The funny thing about the Densuke black diamond watermelon is that there are a lot of other black diamond watermelons selling for regular watermelon prices.

You have to wonder if that’s just smart produce market people knowing trends and making their signs accordingly. Me? I’d probably pay like $25 for a special watermelon. Not $250 that’s for sure, and I’d laugh in your face if you asked me to pay $2500. Ha.

What’s The Deal With The Massive Price tag?

black diamond watermelon
Image: @ridiculous_fruit on Instagram

Here’s the thing: the price tag is apparently in proportion to how hard these things are to grow. This specific black diamond watermelon by Densuke is only grown on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. They take a considerable amount of space to grow, and require several months of care and maintenance.

They are very rare and every year there are fewer than a hundred that the company sells. The final cost of this fruit, in other words, reflects the amount of time and dedication it takes to growing it. You also have to factor in how popular they are, and how highly regarded it is to receive one as a gift in Japan.

The flavour is supposedly unsurpassed with a richer sweetness, fewer seeds, and a crunch that’s worth potentially thousands of dollars.

Oh, and there’s the fancy packaging as well.

Where Can You Get Black Watermelons?

black diamond watermelon
Image: @ma.s.t.87 on Instagram

You can apparently find a sign that says “black watermelon” in a lot of places. However, very few of them are actually black diamond. Because of this, even fewer of them are actual Densuke brand.

And after a modest search online, we have to report that it’s actually quite hard to find somewhere to buy one of these things. You can, however, get seeds that claim to produce a black diamond watermelon.

In fact, those are so easy to come by, you can fetch them on Amazon.

How To Grow A Black Diamond Watermelon

black diamond watermelon
Image: @hunterlim on Instagram

Herein lies the problem. These glorious watermelon-diamonds are really hard to grow. The team at Densuke apparently sings to them and caresses them and blows special types of incense on them when they’re at different stages of growth. Just joking.

Suffice to say they take up a lot of space and require a lot of care that’s quite specialized in knowledge. Because of this, they’re really hard to grow. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from buying the seeds, because they’re currently out of stock on Amazon.

But wait! This company is selling seeds for just four pounds! Hopefully they come with growing instructions.

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