This Supercut of Black Friday Shopping Is Terrifying

Be glad you stayed home

As someone who can admit to taking advantage of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I can attest to being a part of the madness that is the biggest shopping event of the year.

For most of us, the annual shop-till-you-drop-athon is pretty tame event, one that usually finds us in a mall midday to check out what our favourite stores have to offer. For others however, Black Friday means standing in line for 30 hours to get 30 per cent off a TV, and nearly being trampled to death by a crowd of similarly sleep-deprived, deal-hungry consumers. As we’ve seen so many times, the result are hordes of zombie shoppers, trampling over each other and getting into fist fights to get $20 off a pressure cooker.

So in case you felt like you “missed out” on the deals, take a look at these clips of mad shoppers this year during the Black Friday madness.