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Black Key’s Patrick Carney Claims Jack White Tried To Have Bar Brawl

What’s that saying about never meeting your heroes?

This weekend Black Keys drummer was apparently minding his own business at his usual bar in New York when he was confronted with a not-so-happy to see him Jack White. Carney claims that Jack White walked over him to start a fight, though he refused.

Though Carney said Jack White is the reason “why I play music”. He continued, “The bully assholes who made me feel like nothing. Music was a private non competitive thing.”

On the other hand, Jack White has been pretty vocal about his distaste for the Keys “copying” his style in the past. “He came to a bar in NYC I go to a lot with a few friends and tried to fight me. I don’t fight and don’t get fighting but he was mad!!!”

The entire exchange was documented by Carney on his Twitter account, which you can see below.

White has since commented on the matter to Entertainment Weekly claiming that Carney is full of it: “Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick. Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the Internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”

We may not know how the exchange really went on, but i’d bet that it probably wasn’t a pleasant one.

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