‘Black Mirror’ created its own ‘Nosedive’ card game

Everything you've worked for might come crashing down

Part of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi series Black Mirror has been turned into a playable card game.

Nosedive: A Social Game is inspired from the season 3 episode “Nosedive,” which takes place in a society where your every action is subject to be rated on a five-star scale by your own fellow citizens. The game is designed to work with an integrated app that provides more than 1,000 unique experiences to help improve social standing.

The game’s official description explains that you can “create a ‘perfect’ life by collecting Lifestyle cards, while avoiding any dings to your Social Score that could cause everything you’ve worked for to come crashing down.”

The game, which comes from Endemol Shine North America and Asmodee North America, costs $19.99 USD and can be played with anywhere from 3 to 6 players.