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360-Degree Video: The Darcys (100th Edition Collective Arts Black Box Sessions)

Indie88 is proud to release a very special 100th edition of the Collective Arts Black Box Sessions, featuring Toronto art pop band, THE DARCYS in a 360-degree virtual reality video.

Recorded at the INDIE88 Black Box studio and produced by creative agency, Tyger Shark, fans can watch THE DARCYS perform “The River” from their 2013 album Warring plus the banging new track, “Miracle”, from their highly anticipated forthcoming album. Viewers will be at the centre of the performance, controlling the entire experience from their mobile phone or virtual reality headset.

To experience this interactive 360° experience, we highly recommend using your mobile device and headphones. Watch in HD on the latest version of the YouTube app on iOS or Android, and move your phone around to look in any direction. You can also enjoy by watching on your desktop browser on Mac or PC. To move the camera, either click and drag using your mouse, or use the directional controls on the top left of the video player.


“The River”


360-degree Still Image

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots craft brewer fusing the creativity of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging artists. Founded in September 2013, Collective Arts has featured over 475 artists from 30 countries on its art labels. Each beer is brewed to be as creative, diverse, and unwavering as the artists we profile. The result is a piece of art, inside and out. Collective Arts celebrates it’s Series Six launch on March 14th with a concert at its brewery. ART + BREWING. To learn more go to collectiveartsbrewing.com.


Tyger Shark is a full-service digital creative agency focused on creating immersive content & capturing unique one-of-a-kind experiences for North America’s leading artists & brands. They discover, invent, adapt and create original ideas that amplify messaging, move traffic, and extend awareness. Since 1993, Tyger Shark has executed thousands of successful campaigns and digital builds while carving out a reputation of excellence in providing end-to-end solutions for content creators and advertisers alike. Learn more at tygershark.com.

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