Blair Lee | Live From Home

Blair Lee and producer Modmaxx perform 'Lucifer' live from home for Indie88

Blair Lee and producer Modmaxx (Drake, Tinashe, Roy Woods) are the latest artists to participate in our recurring Live From Home series, where they performed their recently released collaborative single, “Lucifer.”

The dreamy performance sees Lee on keys, delivering silky vocals beneath colourful lighting, as Modmaxx delivers some catchy acoustic guitar riffs. “Lucifer” actually began as a jam video for Instagram, with Modmaxx creating the drum beat, bass line, and guitar riff, and Lee adding in the vocals.

“At that time, almost every night, I would be nearly asleep then wake up with a racing heart, thinking the world was ending (my world anyway) about all things terrible,” Lee explains of the track. “I was having a hard time adjusting to the pandemic, and my mind was clouded with negativity. That’s where the idea for ‘Lucifer’ came from… the feeling that there was a ‘devil on my shoulder’ at all times.”

Watch Blair Lee and Modmaxx perform “Lucifer” below.