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Bleachers recruit Lana Del Rey for new single ‘Secret Life’

Jack Antonoff has teamed up with Lana Del Rey for his new single as Bleachers, “Secret Life.” The track comes from his first album in four years, Take The Sadness out of Saturday Night.

This tune serves as the final preview of the album, which is out this Friday. The psych rock-tinged tune features background vocals from Lana Del Rey. Antonoff channels a more mellow sound on this dreamy acoustic track. Del Rey doesn’t have a huge role in the tune, as her subtle vocal lines just offer a sweet background sound.

“Secret Life” serves as the follow up to previously released singles “Stop Making This Hurt” and “How Dare You Want More.” This track definitely has a softer, more retro sound. Bleachers truly explore new sonic territory on “Secret Life.”

Listen to “Secret Life” below.

Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff aren’t new to collaborating. Antonoff producers several of her records, including her last two albums, Chemtrails Over the Country Club and Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Late last year, Bleachers returned with two new singles, which will also appear on Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night. Those songs were “45” and their Bruce Springsteen collaboration, “chinatown.” Revisit those songs here.

“‘Chinatown’ starts in NYC and travels to New Jersey,” Antonoff explains. “That pull back to the place I am from mixed with terror of falling in love again. Having to show your cards to someone and the shock when you see them for yourself. Thinking you know yourself and where you arm from… Having to see yourself through somebody who you want to stay… I started to write this song with these in my head.”

Take The Sadness out of Saturday Night is out on July 30th via RCA Records. Revisit the album’s tracklist below.

Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night Tracklist:

01 – “91”
02 – “Chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)”
03 – “How Dare You Want More”
04 – “Big Life”
05 – “Secret Life”
06 – “Stop Making This Hurt”
07 – “Don’t Go Dark”
08 – “45”
09 – “Strange Behavior”
10 – “What’d I Do With All This Faith?”

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