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The Blooming Table: The New Decor Trend To Liven Your Home

The Terrarium Coffee Table (AKA ‘Blooming Table’) Is A Brilliant Way To Add A Pop Of Green Life To Your Space

I’ve been obsessed with living walls for a long time. They’re so gorgeous and unique, and add so much energy to a space. Interior or exterior, the addition of plants onto a wall can be inspiring, cleansing, and totally gorgeous. Now, in addition to plants on walls, there’s the blooming table… essentially plants in a table that you can use for everything from eating to working to decoration.

Neat, right? Almost as neat as caring for a moss ball pet.

A Brief History Of The Table Terrarium

blooming tables
Image: @bloomingtablesinc on Instagram

Also known as a “table terrarium” or a “coffee table terrarium”, this concept started out in a very romantic way. Dustin Anthony, San Diego-based founder of “BloomingTables.com”, wanted to do something special for his girlfriend. He also noticed that her plants were taking over their small apartment.

The solution? He decided to build her a table with a glass top under which she could feature (and grow) some of her precious plants. The creation he made ended up serving as an indoor garden, and a way to combine a bunch of her plants to make their apartment feel less cluttered, but also more beautiful.

The fact that they got to eat on the table was a huge bonus!

blooming tables
Image: @bloomingtablesinc on Instagram

After the first table turned out a lot better than he expected, he decided to take his show on the road, so to speak. Anthony, the founder of BloomingTables.com, fortuitously had a background in product development, so he launched a Kickstarter in 2019. The idea raised nearly $40K, and allowed him to launch a direct-to-consumer line on Black Friday of that year.

The pandemic hit them pretty hard because of supply chain issues, but ended up being a blessing. Because everyone was sheltering in place and emphasizing their living spaces, the living tables sold like hotcakes.

Today, the company creates desks, coffee tables, side tables, and end tables that feature plants and beautify interior spaces.

Are The Plants In Blooming Tables Alive?

blooming tables
Image: @bloomingtablesinc on Instagram

Yes! The plants in a table terrarium are alive! In fact, they can thrive extra because of the glass above them and the natural exposure to light that it allows. There are all sorts of different plants you can add to one of these amazing tables.

The possibilities are literally endless, because so many plants work together. You can also add different types of rocks, pieces of wood or natural elements you’ve come across in your travels, and even moss.

Moss is so beautiful! I think I’d make mine full of moss and other rich, velvety, hanging plants.

blooming tables
Image: @bloomingtablesinc on Instagram

How Do You Maintain A Blooming Table?

blooming tables
Image: @bloomingtablesinc
on Instagram

You maintain a blooming table much like you maintain your other plants… with love, care, and attention. Oh, and water and light.

The beauty about having a pre-made, official blooming table is that the bases of their creations come with drainage holes, which are crucial especially for succulents. However, you can also grow micro greens, herbs, and vines in your blooming table with relative ease.

Make sure you look up the specific plants you’re planting, as most plants do have different needs for light and water. Oh, and don’t forget to talk to them and give them love for even more plant success!

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