City Staffers Recommend Making Bloor Bike Lanes Permanent

City votes on pilot project next week

Toronto city council members will soon be coming together to vote on whether to make the Bloor Street bike lane project permanent.

The 2.4-kilometer lane went in last August between Avenue and Shaw street, giving space for thousands of cyclists to get across the traffic-heavy stretch of the city.

Certain councilors recommend keeping the bike lanes following the project’s one year pilot program. The decision will come next Wednesday at the public works and infrastructure meeting according to CBC, where the detailed report about the program’s effectiveness will be revealed.

The bike lanes largest advocates, city councilors Mike Layton and Joe Cressy, stand by the bike lanes but not everyone agrees. Local businesses have complained that less parking has resulted in less business, and some commuters have said that the bike lanes have resulted in more traffic and longer drive times.

Councillors Mike Layton and Joe Cressy, who represent the wards the lanes run through, are set to hold a news conference about the decision at 11 a.m. Both have been prominent supporters of the plan.

Mayor John Tory says he will only make his decision on the pilot program after he has read the full detailed report.

Update 2:30 pm: John Tory has added his support to the project, and hopes to keep the Bloor St. Bike lanes.

Main image courtesy city_cyclist via Instagram