Blur Release New Video For “Lonesome Street”

Like a Chinese-Inspired "Lonely Boy"

Maybe there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching middle-aged people dance. Perhaps that’s what Damon Albarn and his buddies in Blur thought when choosing a music video format for their new song “Lonesome Street”.

Directed by Ben Reed, it features one passionate dancing man and his troupe of traditional Chinese Folk dancers, called the Phoenix Fly Line Dancing Group of San Francisco. The theme of the video shares the same Chinese inspiration as the rest of the upcoming album The Magic Whip, which comes out April 27th.

Take a look below and see for yourself.

You can also watch a similarly goofy lyric video for “Go Out”, which came out in February.

There is something to say about their “inspiration” however, since this video reminds us a lot of Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” music video. Even the song titles are similar. You be the judge: let us know in the comments.