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Blurred Lines: Real Websites, Fake Content

If it’s on the internet, it must be real, right? Nope. Here are a few websites that should not be taken too seriously. Sometimes they’re just for fun, and sometimes they’re smart marketing ploys.


He’s a good father, husband and chemistry teacher, but he’s in trouble, he has lung cancer and needs an operation. Now! Remember Walt’s first money funneling scheme in Breaking Bad? That website actually exists. Although the donation button leads to the TV show’s official website.



The site is the official page for the City of Pawnee, Indiana. It features the latest happenings with the Parks and Recreation Department and even has Leslie Knope’s final newsletter for download.



Inspired by the classic BBC television series, the website boasts the same design as the website Rose uses to figure out who is Doctor Who. Everything is the same including visual data of sightings and accounts from those who have seen The Doc.



This site was professionally made to promote the prequel during the Rose Bowl. The main page has a few ads that look like any other ad for an university. The only difference is, everyone is a monster.



This site was created by the producers from How I Met your Mother, after they realized other Barney’s Video Resume inspired sites got thousands of visitors and usually crashed in the first fifteen minutes of being live.



My Dear Watson has his own blog, and fans of Sherlock would love his writings. Fans of the show have also created sites for Molly Hooper and Connie Prince.


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