Bon Iver partners with Spotify to create ‘Viisualiizer’ for recently released album ‘i, i’

The interactive website shows streaming hours and so much more.

Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) has partnered with Spotify to create an online platform called “Viisualiizer” to change the listening experience of his new album i,i.

The website brings a visual to the album by showing the number of people streaming the songs, as well as the country with the most streams. “Viisualiizer” will also track the hours streamed, trending countries, and many other things that will have interactive options for viewers.

“It’s important to look outside yourself for the answers you seek,” Vernon said in a statement. “Even though distilling my mind and heading to the cabin 12 years ago was vital, sharing is the thing now. Sharing and building things without holding on to the concept of authorship is the way. Our music is not ‘my’ music. In fact, it never is, for anyone, and that is what i,i represents and how we worked to craft the ‘Viisualiizer’ experience with Spotify.”

Check out “Viisualiizer” here!