Bon Iver Isn’t Happy About Bruno Mars’ Grammys Sweep

"You absolutely have to be shitting me”

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was one of many people upset about Mars’ Grammy sweep last night. He won every award he was nominated for – which caused an uproar when he beat out artists like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and SZA.

Vernon did not feel the need to hold back his opinion this morning, tweeting “Absolutely NO offense to Mr Mars, but you absolutely have to be shitting me.”

Vernon went on to say that Mars’ made a name for himself in the industry by creating hits from sampling old classics. He threw in Lamar and SZA’s names in the tweet as well – obviously promoting their originality and song-writing skills.

He also started to call out the Recording Academy prez. for the comment he made when people questioned the lack of female winners at this years award show. Someone needed to say it!