Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon talks struggling with anxiety

Vernon discusses the struggle behind the record

After surprise-releasing i, i early, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has discussed his struggles with anxiety in a new interview on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show.

The interview saw Vernon discussing the album, and the way he struggled with anxiety while forming the new record. After the release of 2016’s 22, A Million, Vernon struggled with anxiety so much that he was forced to cancel a tour. “I’ve never had that before, [I] never quite understood what it could do to people,” Vernon explained. “It really got me. I was stunned by it.”

He went on to explain that the record was inspired by this struggle, explaining that it’s about working through tough times until you feel both vulnerable and grateful.

“I think at the beginning, I was comfortable because I didn’t know what was going on exactly,” Vernon said, revealing that he “was lost, and [thought] that I would never get my life back or something.”