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Bono Forgets Apologizing for ‘Songs of Innocence’

Remember when Apple and U2 stealthily put Songs of Innocence into your iTunes library without asking if you even wanted it in the first place? Then Bono apologized for forcing his new album into your life. Apple made a one-click delete tool. And now the U2 frontman seems to have come down with a case of selective memory and is no longer apologetic.

Speaking to David Carr at Dublin’s Web Summit tech conference, Bono admitted that releasing the album the way they did was “one of the proudest things for us ever.” He stated:

”We always wanted our music to be heard, and the idea that we could have worked for years and years [on] what we think are the most personal songs that we have ever written…only then for them maybe not to be heard was terrifying. So we were just thrilled that we got a chance to introduce ourselves to people who weren’t fans of listening to rock music.”

And there were results. Bono continued:

“Two figures arrived out of that, 100 million people checked us out and listened to two or three tracks. And 30 million people actually listened to the whole album. So we did in three weeks with Songs of Innocence what took us 30 years with The Joshua Tree.”

If you were mad at U2, you’re right where Bono wants you to be. When asked by Carr if with hindsight as 20/20, he still considered the promotion a success, Bono replied with:

“We got a lot of people who were uninterested in U2 to be mad with U2. And I would call that an improvement in the relationship.”

Bono also admitted to being “a spoiled rotten, overpaid, over-nourished rock star.”

Read more over at Billboard.

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