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Book Fairies Delivering Free Reads to TTC Riders

If you’re an avid TTC rider, you may have noticed a few books lying around throughout TTC stations and vehicles. The books, which are labelled with stickers that read “Books on the Transit. Ride, Read, and Return,” are being dropped by Toronto’s book fairies Danielle Sanders and Kristyn Little. Sanders and Little are co-founders of Books on the Transit, a new non-profit organization that hopes to get TTC readers off of their phones and into a good book on their commute.

Little and Sanders drop new releases and classics throughout the TTC, with 100 books currently in circulation. The idea is for customers to read the book and later return it for another TTC rider to find.

“I commute daily. People are absorbed in their phones, and I wanted to change that and revolutionize the commuter experience to bring it back to paper,” Sanders told CBC.

The two co-founders also reached out to Books on the Move, which is a “global book sharing initiative which aims to get people reading on their daily commutes.”

As Books on the Transit progresses, Little and Sanders both hope to see TTC riders begin to drop books of their own.

Image via BooksOnTheTransit/Instagram

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