Born Ruffians announce virtual Shondi Festoon

Shondi Festoon III takes place on December 11

Born Ruffians have announced their third annual holiday show Shondi Festoon III, which is set to take place on December 11th.

The pandemic won’t stop the Toronto indie rockers from celebrating their holiday, as they’ll be hosting the event virtually this year. Every year, Born Ruffians host their reimagining of a typical December holiday show with their fictional, non-denominational holiday.

The event comes accompanied by its very own traditions, including drinking hot beer, dressing as your best friend, placing food cans under the Shondi Tree, decorating your house with Shondi flowers, and being good so that the Shondi Clown doesn’t come for you.

“Shondi Festoon is the world’s oldest holiday yet it is celebrated by only a small number of people,” Steve Hamelin explains. “We hope to change that with our yearly Shondi concerts. Onward (and online) to Shondi 3.”

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