Born Ruffians & Mounties Collaborating in Studio

Born Ruffians and Mounties collab on a new tune, coming soon.

A Born Ruffians and Mounties collaboration is on its way. According to Exclaim!, the guys have been working on a little something special as of lately. Earlier in July, we heard the news that members of Born Ruffians spent time with Steve Bays, Hawksley Workman and Ryan Dahle of the Mounties. While hanging out, they’ve worked on at least one mix together, and are looking to work together some more.

It’s a little unclear about which band will release the track, will it be a Mounties featuring Born Ruffians or vise versa? It seems Bays was in charge of vocals, Workman provided the drum work, and the lyrics are still being arranged by Luke Lalonde.

“I don’t want to suggest too much lyrically because Luke (Born Ruffians) has such a strong identity in his lyrics that kind of have his style all over them,” Bays told Exclaim! “I really just try to be a friend first and a producer/co-writer second. I just kind of enabled Luke to shake a bunch of ideas out of his head. I always try and approach everything with somewhat of a blank slate creatively, as well. I find sometimes, if you have too many ideas that you want to inject into a session it is kind of like putting a square into a circle.”

The bands apparently had no idea what they were expecting from the collab.

Workman adds:

“To me, [Born Ruffians’ ‘Needle’] is two kilometres of creativity packed into one little sandwich and I think that song is nuts. When I was doing The God That Comes in June, backstage I listened to ‘Needle’ on loop. It was the only thing that I listened to. I bet you that we listened to it 20, 30 times before we went on stage every night. It reminds you that the creative boundaries are there to be exceeded. What those guys did with that melody is so extraordinary, as it breaks all the rules, but it still plays by all the rules of pop conventionally.”