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Born Ruffians Share 30-Day Long Video for ‘RUFF’

We are exactly 30 days away from the release of RUFF, and to celebrate Born Ruffians have graciously released a new behind-the-scenes music video. The only thing, is that it’s also exactly 30 days long.

Keeping with the VHS themed, bizzaro videos, Born Ruffians along with the film’s director John Smith shot and edited together a twelve hour video. Spacing each of the 1.3 million frames every two seconds, the video will play only once between now and the release date. Afterwards it will be removed and never seen again.

Fans are encouraged to take a screen cap on the website, and share it on social media with the hashtag #watchRUFF.

As John Smith explains “Fans will be able to check in 24-7 throughout the pre-recorded 30-day stream to see what’s going on at any given moment. There are several characters and storylines that unfold over the period of time, and collectively I think the Internet will be able to piece it together.”

Check out the video here via the watchRUFF website.

RUFF is due out October 2nd through Paper Bag Records.

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