Born Ruffians, The Sadies, Ice Cream, more to perform at the Wolfe Island Music Festival

The festival runs from August 9 to 10

The 2019 Wolfe Island Music Festival is heading over to St Margaret’s Hall, near Kingston, for a summer bash, and they’ve just announced their full lineup.

This year’s lineup is going to feature performance by Born Ruffians, the Sadies, NQ Arbuckle, Jim Bryson, Ice Cream, Charlotte Cornfield, Emilie Steele, Joe McLeod, The Mill Rights and Piner. The festival will run for two days from August 9th to 10th and will play as homage to late music publicist Darryl Weeks.

The festival will be super intimate with some local artists and Canadian legends, making for a fun time.

Check out the poster below!