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Bose Headphones Accused of Violating American Wiretap Act

On Tuesday a lawsuit was filed against Bose in Chicago accusing the company of spying on its customers through its Bose Connect app. The app, which allows Bose customers to connect their headphones to audio devices, has been allegedly collecting data from its users without permission and selling the data to third party companies.

Fortune reported that the lawsuit’s plaintiff, Kyle Zak, alleges that Bose has been illegally collecting data that infringes on America’s Wiretap Act. According to the lawsuit, the company has allegedly been creating profiles of its customers’ listening habits and selling the information to various companies.

Damages weren’t specified but the lawsuit is apparently worth about $5 million, and also brings up concerns regarding personal identity and political views.

“Indeed, one’s personal audio selections — including music, radio broadcast, Podcast, and lecture choices — provide an incredible amount of insight into his or her personality, behavior, political views, and personal identity,” the complaint said.

Feature photo courtesy Bose via Facebook.

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