B&Q sold out of LED lights due to Stranger Things fans

No one's contacting the Upside Down this holiday season.

Due to an influx of fans trying to re-create Winona Ryder’s LED light wall this holiday season, the UK’s Block & Quayle (B&Q) are 90 per cent sold out of their multicoloured LED Christmas lights.

B&Q is a popular DIY store in the UK, similar to the North American Home Depot. The matter has escalated so quickly that B&Q have signs posted in their LED light aisles that read “Please Note: This product should not be used to contact the Upside Down.”

“The popularity of Stranger Things has had a completely unexpected effect on the sale of our multicolour Christmas string lights this year. We’ve seen a huge spike in demand and the lights are by far our bestselling range thanks to the show’s huge following,” said B&Q’s Christmas market director, Mike Norton.

Norton went on to say that “Despite the similarity in the lights, we’d like to remind customers that this product should not be used to try to contact the ‘upside down’. B&Q cannot claim any responsibility for Demogorgon-related damage to homes this Christmas.”

Keep scrolling to checkout a few fans that have already decked the halls, Stranger Things-style.

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