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Brace Yourself: Bread Shoes Are The Latest Trend Here To Ruin The Internet

Bread Shoes Are Redefining The Meaning Of “Loafers”

When most of us hear that people are making bread shoes and posting pics of them on the internet, I imagine the general response is simple. Why?

Seems it’s the same answer to the question of why people would start a hamster cult on TikTok, or why they’d post pics of beans in weird places.

The internet is a very niche, very obscure place. There’s room for all sorts of weirdness, which is really cool on one hand. On the other… where does it stop? Some argue that it should probably have stopped with weird shoes.

It did not.

Now, people are putting bread on their feet, making it look like shoes, and getting kicks. And it’s all fun and games… until you start to think about it.

Wait. People are hungry on the streets in our own country, and people are putting good bread on their feet?

It looks funny, sure. However, let’s hope this bread shoes trend passes soon, and these people get inspired to drop those perfectly good loaves off to someone who needs them. You know, rather than wearing them on their feet.

Not to get all SJW on you, the pics do look pretty hilarious. And the trend does give a whole new meaning to the term loafer. Let’s take a look at this hilarious and controversial internet trend.

Where Did The Bread Shoes Trend Come From?

bread shoes
Image: @coddies on Instagram

The trend actually surfaced around 2009, when “extravagant slippers” were all the rage. In fact, a Lithuanian brother-duo actually launched a line of Bread Shoes around 2009.

The brand was downright strange, but playful at the same time. And even though you may think that they made actual slippers that look like loaves of bread, that’s not the case. They were loaves of bread, branded, and sold as slippers. And as you can imagine, some of them even sold out.

The project was fun, and has since spawned a trend of people online putting loaves of bread on their feet.

What’s Your Flavour?

What’s cool about these shoes is that they can come in different flavours, colours, and styles. You can even get them in “black”, which means the loaf of bread is a dark pumpernickel or rye.

The whole point is to laugh and have fun with it… until it dawns on you that people need to eat.

Anyways! Here are some hilarious pics of shoes made of bread for your rabbit-hole enjoyment today.

bread shoes
Photo: @iodrome on Instagram

bread shoes
Image: @coddies on Instagram
bread shoes
Photo: @themelanatedmexican on Instagram
bread shoes
Image: @swiftsketches on Instagram


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