Brampton Driver Caught Reversing Down Busy Road

Dangerous yet impressive

Leave it up to GTA drivers to find the most imaginative ways to get home after an accident.

Brampton police are investigating an incident where a driver was caught reversing down a busy road. A tweet that showed the stunt in action expertly captioned it as “Meanwhile in Brampton…”

Shinda Singh, the witness then posted a follow-up from another angle, showing the driver even attempted a left hand turn, and rather well we might add.

Another driver who caught the incident said she was in another car who talked to the driver. He said he was reversing because of a blown transmission, and did not want to call a tow truck.

Peel police caught wind of the video, replying to the tweet and saying they would be looking into the situation as it “poses safety risk”.

Peel police media relations officer Baljit Saini told Global News “Obviously this is a very dangerous incident and we urge the public to contact police if they witness that behaviour.”