Brand New Surprise Fans with ‘Science Fiction’ Album

Band dropped new album unexpectedly

Earlier this week, Brand New told fans that a new album was coming soon, announcing pre-order was open and would be ready to “ship in October.” Days later, the beloved emo-rock group surprised fans by dropping new their album in full, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Science Ficiton is Brand New’s first work since 2009’s Daisy, and is a 12-track album featuing their new single “Casey.” Check out their new video below, and the full album on

Science Fiction:

01 Lit Me Up
02 Can’t Get It Out
03 Waste
04 Could Never Be Heaven
05 Same Logic/Teeth
06 137
07 Out of Mana
08 In the Water
09 Desert
10 No Control
11 451
12 Batter Up