Brandon Flowers: “Mr. Brightside” Wouldn’t Be A Hit Today

One of the catchiest songs of the 2000s might not have made it

Brandon Flowers — The Killers frontman and current solo act, with his second solo album The Desired Effect dropping this week — has done a lot of thinking about the current state of his band. Last week in a Rolling Stone interview, he said they just needed “a kick in the pants,” but maybe it’s more than that.

Flowers sat down with Shortlist for an interview and shared his views on music today: “Record deals have changed. The radio now only looks at the charts. They play a song a few times, see how well it’s doing on iTunes and if it’s not doing well, they’ll stop promoting it,” which “would have been a disaster for The Killers,” he says.

While he doesn’t think the band’s Hot Fuss hits would survive the pop music market today, Flowers is adamant in pursuing another Killers album. He just needs to get “the band all on the same page.”

Brandon Flowers will be at WayHome festival this summer, where he’s expected to play a combo of solo and Killers tunes. Read the full interview here and watch his latest music video below: