Brandon Flowers Premieres “Can’t Deny My Love” Video

The video follows Flowers through creepy dudes with black staffs and satanic rituals

Last week, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers shared his solo single, “Can’t Deny My Love,” and he’s now premiered the eerie video. In the vid, Flowers goes back in time and leaves his Puritan village and wife, played by Evan Rachel Wood, and spends a night in the woods. In the forest, a creepy dude offers him a black staff (which he rejects) and he sees a group of people, including his wife, performing a Satanic ritual.

The track itself feels 80s dance hall inspired, a far cry from the usual Killers sound and from Flowers’ other solo work from 2010’s Flamingo. It will be featured on Flowers’ upcoming album, The Desired Effect, which will drop May 19.

Check out the “Can’t Deny My Love” Video below: