The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Stands Up for Vegas Valet Parkers

Take good care of valets, From Here On Out

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has recently become a spokesperson for a cause dear to his heart…valet parking.

The band hails from Las Vegas, where Brandon’s whole family has worked for casinos, himself included. For a long time his dream was to park cars. The wages and tips used to be really good money, enough to raise a Vegas family on. Now the city is starting to charge for valet, which has always been free.

Here’s an excerpt from Flower’s argument for the working people of Vegas, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

It’s hard to explain how sacrilegious paid parking feels in a city known for sin, but I believe that the consequences of this are very real to a large group of people.

When you have to pay $13 or $17 to park with valet, people will start avoiding it. If they do cough up the high fees for what used to be a free service, people will be much less inclined to give a good tip. In some places, when you want to leave a tip and pay with a credit card, there isn’t even a tip line! I can walk into just about any fast food restaurant, order at the counter, throw my own trash away when I’m done eating, and still that receipt has a line on it to leave a tip.

I’m upset because these are my people. These are the people that keep Vegas moving and they don’t deserve to take this kind of hit. Valet parkers have long days, running back and forth, trying to provide good service and taking care of your car. This isn’t right. This isn’t Vegas. This needs to change.

Please join me in showing support for these hard working professionals by remembering to tip, and writing the resort operators to complain and push for what is right.

It’s a wonderful gesture from the 35-year-old, who we’re sure would be willing to share some of that free Orange Chicken for life if you take care of your valet parkers when in Las Vegas.