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Brawls at Youth Day Force Cause Police To Shut Down CNE Early

Multiple fights broke out at the CNE’s Youth Day Tuesday night, causing police to shut down and evacuate the grounds approximately three hours early.

Three arrests were made after several groups of teenagers reportedly started shoving matches, causing “sheer chaos” on the fair’s midway. At 9:00PM reports of gunshots were reported, but was found to be false later by Police according to The Star. A stampede of approximately 60 people fleeing the scene of the brawls caused panic among the crowd.

A spokesperson for CNE released this statement at the time of the shut-down:

“The CNE is experiencing one of the busiest nights of the Fair as a result of the popularity of Youth Day. CNE organizers are winding down operations early as a proactive measure to curtail overcrowding and ensure the safety of our guests. We have deployed additional staff and external resources to facilitate the imminent exit of an exceptionally large number of visitors, especially younger patrons who rely on public transit to safely get home.”

Fair-goers high up on the Sky Ride began posting footage of the fights online.

Afterwards, police began evacuating the area.

Each year, the CNE hold Youth Day, which offers a discounted admission price for those under-aged. CNE General manager Virginia Ludy says the event for next year is currently being reconsidered.”We’re going to have to look at Youth Day, quite honestly,” she said.

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