Brazil waives visa requirements for Canadians as part of effort to increase tourism

They've also granted visa exemption to the United States, Japan, and Australia

On Monday, the Brazilian government lifted Visa requirements for visitors from Canada, the United States, Japan, and Australia starting on June 17th in an attempt to increase tourism.

The initiative was temporarily put in place prior to the Rio Olympics in 2016, but now it has been re-introduced. Alongside the announcement, the Canadian government has revealed that they recommend that any citizens travelling to Brazil exercise a “high degree of caution,” according to Global News, because of their high crime rates and gang violence.

Although Canadians will no longer need a visa to travel to Brazil, Brazilians will still need a visa or an electronic travel authorization to enter Canada. The U.S. government also does not plan to reciprocate the visa exemption with Brazil.
Lead photo courtesy of Good Free Photos.