Bread Truck and Deli Meat Truck Crash Creating Hundreds of Accidental Sandwiches

The most delicious disaster to happen this weekend.

Freshly baked bread and assorted deli meat… sounds like a match made in heaven.

This particular combo was on the menu for a New Jersey highway Friday morning, after a tractor trailer hauling various sandwich meats, crashed into a truck carrying bread, making the biggest accidental lunch special to date.

Just before 6:OO a.m EST, NBC New York reported a “sandwich like spill” that caused backups across several exits on I-287 in Piscataway, NJ. No one was harmed in the crash.

And if your stomach isn’t growling enough already, photos of the mass pile up of sandwich ingredients have been making their rounds on the internet, captioned with sandwich puns and lunch jokes like this:

It’s a a relief to see that rather than a collision causing injury or worse, in this particular case, the only harm done was to the mass amount of ill-fated bread and meat products that will never fulfill their sandwich destinies.