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BREAKING: Toronto Taxis Go On Strike

Toronto’s taxi companies are going to strike tomorrow in protest to Uber’s affect on market conditions, which they feel have had a huge negative impact to their livelihood.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, taxi drivers will be obstructing traffic as their defiant procession makes its way to Queen’s Park and City Hall.

I hope it doesn’t disrupt the public to the extent of, you know, where people can’t move around. But I’m sure it will,said Sam Moini, president of the Fleet Operators Association.

We’re hoping that … the public is affected as little as possible. But we have to do something. Something has to be done to show this city that, you know, the industry is suffering. We are suffering.

On September 30, City council agreed to investigate regulating Uber but won’t have a decision until next year.

Indie88 received the two below images outlining the notice to protest and the route. Some major city arteries are affected including the DVP, Gardiner, Yonge, Queens Quay, Bathurst, and University. You might want to avoid these areas tomorrow, if humanly possible.



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