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Brian’s Top 5 Interpol Songs

As Shakespeare once said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. That’s what makes Interpol so special – the simplicity of the individual parts and how well they fit together. The music swells while the listener is left to guess at the vagueness of the subject matter. Here are 5 songs to get you warmed up for their set at the Arts & Crafts Field Trip June 7th & 8th at Fort York.

The New: Track 10 of Turn On The Bright Lights starts with a sparse bass line and string scrapes before building in intensity. When the song takes a 90 degree turn around the 3:15 mark you get a sense of the intensity & insanity behind the storyline.


C’mere: One of the most straightforward songs in the Interpol catalogue, “C’mere” showcases Paul Banks’ baritone reminiscing on a doomed love affair, “I’m in love with something real, It could be me that’s changing.”


Next Exit: This might be the perfect album opener – with the line, “We ain’t going to the town, we’re going to the city,” it’s as if you’re traveling toward greatness and never looking back.


Not Even Jail: One reviewer described Carlos D’s style as “equal parts Lower East Side night vulture, Hitler Youth member, vampiric Crispin Glover and Sesame Street’s Count Von Count.” Hilarious, and yes, he was an excellent bassist.


No I In Threesome: Although their third album Our Love To Admire was panned by some critics, the band proves they can still write a few standout tracks, this time wondering aloud about a menage a trois.​

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