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Brian’s Top 5 The National Tunes

We love Trouble Will Find Me, now trace them back a few years and discover the music that got them here.

Bloodbuzz Ohio (High Violet, 2010)

They’re from Cincinatti so it makes sense for them to namedrop Ohio in a song, but it seems like they weren’t too broken up about moving away, with lines like “I never thought about love when I thought about home” and “the floors are falling out from everybody I know”.

Sorrow (High Violet, 2010)

Guitarist Aaron Dessner actually collapsed his back after playing this song 108 times in a row as part of a 6-hour performance piece at the Museum of Modern Art last year. Surprisingly they say the song took on a whole new meaning after that many repetitions and don’t mind playing it again.

Fake Empire (Boxer, 2007)

Their 4th album became the commercial breakthrough the band had been working towards, with songs being used on tv shows like Parenthood and House. An instrumental version of “Fake Empire” was even used in one of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign videos.

Mistaken for Strangers (Boxer, 2007)

This song obviously has a special place in the band’s catalogue – they’ve used it as the title for their upcoming movie. Described as “A year on tour with my brother’s band,” it was filmed by singer Matt Berninger’s brother Tom.

Mr. November (Alligator, 2005)

British singer Frank Turner recently did an acoustic cover of this song while playing a show in Cincinatti, saying “I f-ing love this band!” Appropriately vulgar, considering the subject matter.

Catch The National live at Massey Hall April 9-11.

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