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Bridle Path Toronto Has Been Home To Countless Celebrities Over The Years

What Is Toronto’s Bridle Path?

Bridle Path Toronto might just be the next Hollywood. The neighbourhood, which you’ll find in North York, is exclusive from Toronto’s average brick homes in a lot of ways.

The area has indoor swimming pools, hundreds of acres, and a minimum asking price of $2 million. Because of this, it offers Toronto’s elite – as well as celebrity A-listers like Drake – an extravagant and private option close to the city and far, far away from Los Angeles.


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So where is Bridle Path Toronto? This popular celebrity enclave is known for lavish facades, huge mansions, and celebrity residents. In fact, you can get a mega-mansion that’s just down the street from where Mick Jagger once lived.

You’ll find this spot, also known as “Millionaire’s Row” along the infamous road, The Bridle Path.

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This road actually sets the northern border of the neighbourhood, which is surrounded by (loosely speaking) Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to the south, Bayview Avenue to the west, and Wilket Creek along the east.

Come See Why Celebrities Love Building Mansions Here

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Toronto The Bridle Path was farmland until the 1900s. In 1929, the city built Bayview Bridge over the Don River Valley. Because of this, a lot of developers took interest in the area.

Envisioned as an exclusive neighbourhood for Toronto’s super-wealthy, the dreams all came true. In fact, the name Bridle Path is also because the residents were all into horseback riding.

The area still pays homage to its roots with wide streets, and of course maintaining the original name of the area. It’s surrounded by luxury, and feels expensive just driving down the streets.

So… Who’s Moved Here?

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1) Mick Jagger

16 High Point Road has acted as a concert venue, rental space, and home/venue to famous people you wouldn’t believe, like Mick Jagger. Michael Bublé has performed here too!

2) Prince

It sounds like there’s a love story behind Prince’s move to Bridle Path Toronto. While he and his ex did end up divorcing back in 2007, the woman he married was allegedly from Toronto. It’s currently valued at $16.9 million.

3) Drake

The rapper and icon recently completed a massive renovation on his property. It reportedly took a super long time because he wanted heightened walls around the property. The property he bought for $7 million is now supposedly worth over $100 million!

4) Gordon Lightfoot

This Canadian folk singer reportedly still lives in Bridle Path. He’s proud that Drake chose to move next door, and has reportedly lived there since 1999.

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