British Band Shaking Chains Create Ever-Changing Music Video

'An experiment in algorithmic filmmaking'

You will never see the same video twice. That’s the promise surrounding the latest cut from British rockers Shaking Chains.

The video for their song “Midnight Oil” uses an algorithm to pull footage from various corners of the internet. In essence, no one sees the same footage.

“‘Midnight Oil’ is an experiment in algorithmic filmmaking, whereby the hermetic structures of the pop video are corrupted”, the band’s drummer Jack Hardiker, who created the video said in a recent interview. “It generates a potentially infinite number of self-contained films from hijacked online video, to create a transitory snapshot of the world that alters with every play. The whole world plays director”.

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Go on, try again and see something completely different.

“The raw footage is selected from an evolving set of search terms,” Hardiker explained. “The coding repurposes the same suggestive algorithms that inform how we consume music now. Here they cannot be ignored or silenced, but act independently. What emerges is a cacophony of footage, an exponential roar of possibilities where poignancy and nonsense become bedfellows”.

This is one way for a band to create some buzz.

Image via Shaking Chains/Facebook